Go With the Wind

June 13, 2016

windThe wind moves in different directions and to go with the wind is to move with the flow of life. When you move against the wind you become stuck and a battle begins.

I am watching the wind blow the sea gulls across the sky. They are free within themselves to be moved. Not to fight it. Not to think about it. Not to analyze it. I can honestly say that I wish I was a seagull who is flowing. Continue Reading


Wanting More

June 6, 2016
wantingmore3I feel stuck. I feel an inner voice that keeps talking to me saying I must do something that makes a difference In this world. Now the voice is getting stronger and stronger. My soul is in such torment because I am neglecting the real reason why I love life so much. 
I want to make a difference in this world. I want to help women realize the incredible strength that lies deep within them. 
I want to empower young girls in third world countries so that they can stand up and become leaders in their community.  

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Cancer Chicks

May 16, 2016

coffeeMy friend blurted out today, “We are the crazy cancer chicks.”

So that is our new label. Cancer chicks!!! We both have stage 4 cancer and decided that we are going to make this year fun and achieve all our goals. We have promised each other to make a list of what we want to achieve and make sure that we each stay on our path.

I asked her what she wanted her children to remember of her. She said – Strength. That their mother was a strong woman. That she gave them their strength and their independence at a young age. She has done this beautifully. I admire the path that she chose: To give her children their own lives, even if that meant for her letting go. That is pure strength and beauty. To really let go and let your children go so they can soar. I am amazed at her courage. I wish I could tell the world about the gift that she gave to her children when she was diagnosed. It is the truest act of going with your heart and not operating from what should happen or being on a track with what society says we should do. Continue Reading



May 2, 2016

menopauseHave you ever seen the skit where Madeline khan is saying “flames, flames?” If you haven’t, please watch it. It is hilarious. She must have been talking about menopause.

My whole inner heating system has been turned on. At 48 I have been turned into a heat-raving, foggy-brained, emotional, dazed and confused woman.

I love when the doctors look at me and say, “Well, you were close to menopause anyway.” Continue Reading