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The Contradiction

July 6, 2016


“There are many possible causes for an illness, but regardless, there is always a contradiction at the level of the soul. This contradiction means that there are two opposing forces at work. The result of this tug-of-war of these opposing forces is a crack in the substance of the soul that manifests in the physical body in accordance with one’s genetics and a series of physical, psychological and spiritual laws, which we may simply call karma. For this reason, this contradiction needs to be known and understood, because it is only through this comprehension that a prognosis can be made.”

Sri Prem Baba


The Shift

June 27, 2016

selfloveI’ve been Consumed with the diagnosis  – it has taken over. With every thought, every breath, every moment, it is always with me. Because of that I’ve been coming from every place of fear and not from love.

Then my friend and I went to see the musical the color purple. My soul soared. My soul opened up and cried and shed fear and fell in love with every performer on that stage who showed all of us God!! Every soul and cell of everyone in that audience that evening was ignited, high on life.  We were cheering, shouting, and celebrating life. I felt open, reborn , rejuvenated.  Continue Reading



June 20, 2016

aloneI used to enjoy being by myself and doing things alone.  Watching movies now is the only thing I like to do now with just me. I can honestly and openly say that I don’t like being by myself anymore.

I believe an artist who stands on the stage in front of thousands can also feel very alone.

In NYC a city of millions where I live I also feel very alone.  Not connected. That, I believe, is the key to the happiness – connected life with other souls. Continue Reading