The Importance of Friendship

20859955290_7fdb92d032_oFriends have been my greatest life source. They have lifted me up to heights of great happiness and most of all kept my mind occupied on other things. Without them I think I would slip into sadness. In fact when they are not around and I am left on my own I have noticed that my mind starts wondering and filling up with conversation between a battle of the left side of the brain and the right.

What is very very clear to me is that all of us are craving  human connection. We need people. We need touch , we need hugs, we need to see someone’s face and smile and laughter. We are so disconnected now and it is changing our physical being. Our cells depend on the human connection and touch. Without it our happiness drops our level of empathy reduces and we ultimately loose touch with our own hearts.

Make time to hug someone or to call someone each and every day and you will find your body your mind and your spirit are richer because of it.