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December 6, 2015


I am separating who I am from what my body wants to do

As I travel through my journey toward self-love, acceptance and healing, I’m hoping to use my experiences as a woman, a mother and a person living with cancer to empower other women on their own journeys. I will not be defined by what my body is going through.

I am not fighting; I am healing

No matter who you are or what challenges you are facing, you can find happiness, peace and become a more complete person. As I use this blog to document my experiences, I hope you will draw inspiration and learn to place a deeper focus on mind, body and spirit. I’m not fighting cancer, I’m going to use it as a catalyst to change myself and help others.

This Moment

We are all beautiful creatures on a life path. The theme of this blog is this moment, because that is where we need to live and there is no time to delay. We need to use this moment to draw out the best of what is already inside of us and find our own truth and happiness.