Self Love

selfloveWere you ever taught as a child or a young adult about self love? I remember my parents teaching me about morals and values but I can’t recall actually hearing the words “love yourself”. Believe in yourself, perhaps. In my twenty”s and thirties I was always confused with the idea of self love. I thought it meant that you had a huge ego and always put yourself first. I was always taught to think of others first; how could I possibly love myself and put others first? How can one love themselves and not be self-centered?
At 48 I finally understand, especially as a woman, that the key to anything is self love and self acceptance. Self love allows us to find joy within ourselves and to be able to bring joy to anything that we face within our lives. As women we beat ourselves up over everything. What we eat, did we excercise enough, are we a good mother, did we do enough for everyone else and not enough for our selves? You know the self abuse and judgement that I am talking about.

These are the running thoughts of self criticism that constantly play out in our minds. These thoughts have to stop in order for you and I, for all of us, to live a rich life.

The biggest thing is forgiveness and to stop judging yourself. Every time, and believe me I do this a lot through out my day , is when you say something negative about yourself to yourself, say “CANCEL CLEAR!” over and over again.

And also say “I FORGIVE MYSELF”.

By saying  these words m you release the negative feedback and set yourself free. It is a process and a long one.
As a woman I know that you are by birth rite the Divine. You are a goddess!!! You are the super power in this world just by being born a woman. You are the brave one, the soulful one, the creator, the ultimate of love and beauty.
Believe it and it is within you, each and every one of you.