Awakening to Love

thewoodsI have been on a quest, a nervous frantic quest, to leave a legacy in this world. To touch people and to change lives.

Over these last few days as I have lain on the couch recovering from my surgery, friends have nursed me back to health with love, laughter and food. I realized that perhaps the greatest legacy I can leave is to know that in some way I have left love in people’s hearts. That my children will be beautiful souls who will nurture this world to more love.

Having a moment of great happiness is more enriched when it is shared with others. What is being lost and needs to be regained is that we crave the true human connection. Our very survival counts on it.

I will always have the vision and drive to help others and to serve a purpose in far off lands. I don’t think that will ever go away. But that will not fulfill the happiness that I have been longing for. Perhaps the happiness and the legacy that I – we – are looking for is right in front of us and surrounds us.